An immediate denture is a major dental prosthesis constructed to replace lost dentition. They are placed in your mouth the same day your dentist does the extraction. If you are wearing an immediate denture, chances are you know it does not fit well or feel as secure as a traditional denture. Immediate dentures are designed to be a temporary solution until a conventional denture can be made. In the meantime, however, there are steps you can take to help make your immediate denture more comfortable and secure. Here’s how you can remove immediate dentures and make them fit better. 

Why Do You Need Immediate Dentures? 

Immediate dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth immediately without waiting for a complete set of dentures. They provide you with normal-looking teeth and also ensure that problems related to missing teeth are reduced. Immediate dentures benefit people who cannot wait an extended period for their natural teeth to be replaced with a complete dental solution. Furthermore, unlike regular dentures, immediate dentures do not require additional adjustments after an initial fitting. They are perfect for replacing a row of teeth or just a few select partial ones. With immediate dentures, you can enjoy eating and speaking more confidently!

Ways To Remove Immediate Denture For Better Fitting

Removing Excess Denture Material 

The first step in making your immediate denture fitting more comfortable is to remove any excess material from the base of the denture. This can usually be done with a pair of nail clippers or dental scissors. Go slowly and carefully when trimming away any excess material. You should also ensure not to cut out too much at once—you can always trim away more later if necessary. 

Repositioning The Immediate Denture 

Another way to make your immediate denture feel more secure is by repositioning it on the gums. To do this, take some warm water in your hands and place the denture firmly against your gums while using your fingers to massage them. This will help the denture adhere better and create a tighter fit. You may also want to use some dental adhesive for added security.  

Using Soft Liners For Comfort 

Soft liners are unique materials placed inside an immediate denture for added comfort and protection against sores. Soft liners can also provide additional cushioning, which makes speaking and eating easier while wearing an immediate denture. These liners should only be applied under close supervision from your dentist or dental hygienist since they must be fitted correctly for them to work properly.

Check For Imperfections

It’s also essential to inspect your dentures for any imperfections that may be causing them to fit poorly or become uncomfortable during removal. Look for any chips, cracks, or rough edges causing the issue. If necessary, have your dentist adjust the fit of your dentures, so they sit more comfortably in your mouth and are easier to take out. 

Relax Your Jaw

To do this, take a few deep breaths and try not to tense up your jaw while removing the denture. This will help reduce the pressure placed on the area where the denture sits, making it easier for you to remove it without discomfort. 

Lubricate The Gums

You can use lubricants such as petroleum jelly or mineral oil on your gums before inserting the denture. It can be helpful if you’re having trouble getting a grip on the dentures while trying to remove them. This will give you a better grip on them, so they come out more easily without causing unnecessary discomfort. Additionally, make sure that you clean off any residue from the lubricant afterward with warm water and a soft cloth. 

The Bottom Line 

Making an immediate denture fit better doesn’t have to be complicated! With proper care and maintenance, you’ll find that wearing an immediate denture becomes much easier over time! Suppose you ever experience any discomfort or pain while wearing an immediate denture. In that case, you must speak with your dentist immediately so that they can adjust it accordingly.


What Happens If Immediate Dentures Don’t Fit?

It might cause soreness and swelling and increase the risk of infection. Contact your dentist as soon as possible if this happens.

Can Immediate Dentures Be Adjusted?

 Immediate dentures require adjustments and modifications during the healing period.

How Long Should I Wear Dentures Each Day?

You should wear your dentures at least 8 hours a day. It prevents sore spots from developing.